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PLASTIC & MOLD ENGINEERING was founded thanks to 25 years of experience developed in injection molds design, injection molds construction and thorough knowledge of the various injection molding processes necessary to realize plastic components. During that time, we have supported the development of plastic parts and molds design by the use of the MOLDFLOW software, verifying obtained results directly on the injection molding machines.

PLASTIC & MOLD ENGINEERING performs extensive studies of the various phases of the injection molding cycle of a plastic component in order to verify and optimize the behavior of the many variables that affect the cost and the final quality of a molded product.

PLASTIC & MOLD ENGINEERING is an historic partner of a lot of multi-national companies, leaders in the automotive, home appliance, furniture and packaging market; it continuously collaborates with leading research institutes and universities for innovation of the plastic components.

The Company proposes itself as a 360° partner in the support and development of plastic parts.

PLASTIC & MOLD ENGINEERING has been recognized by both by MOLDFLOW CORPORATION as by AUTODESK MOLDFLOW as the only one Certified Italian Consulting Company for engineering services through the use of AUTODESK MOLDFLOW INSIGHT ULTIMATE software, the most important injection molding simulation program in the world.
The simulation tools present in the Company allow the study and optimization of any the injection molding process of thermoplastic and thermoset material.

PLASTIC & MOLD ENGINEERING, in addition to the Moldflow analysis, performs structural verifications and optimization of the same plastic components.

PLASTIC & MOLD ENGINEERING provides all the engineering activities on plastic components in compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (recognized by DNV - Det Norske Veritas). The certificated activities are both the supply of consulting services through the use of numerical simulation programs (both Moldflow Analysis as Structural Analysis) as the delivery of Technical Training Courses in the engineering of plastic components (EA Sector: 35-37). The Quality Certification has been introduced in PLASTIC & MOLD ENGINEERING even since 2005.