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PLASTIC & MOLD ENGINEERING is the most important supplier of engineering services for the development of plastic components by means of in-depth structural analysis and simulations of the molding process. It’s 'the only Consultancy on Italian territory officially recognized and certified by AUTODESK MOLDFLOW for providing rheological studies using the INSIGHT ULTIMATE program.


PLASTIC & MOLD ENGINEERING realizes all the support activities to its customers in compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (certified by DNV - Det Norske Veritas). The certificated activities are either the provision of consulting services by means of numerical simulation programs (Moldflow Analysis and Structural Analysis) and the delivery of Technical Training Courses in the engineering of plastic components (Sector EA : 35-37).

Consulting & Training Services

PLASTIC & MOLD ENGINEERING plays the Moldflow Analysis activities thanks to a practical field experience (computer simulation and monitoring on injection molding machines) over 25 years.
The Company intends to targeted training courses to learning the AUTODESK MOLDFLOW program, not only for the functioning of the same, but, above all, considering what occurs on the injection molding machine.
Faced with the demands of customers, the Company develops and delivers courses of Training and Retraining of Personnel and Technical Molding directly at the premises of the clients on issues such as industrialization of plastic components, injection mold design and optimization of injection molding process.



  • Filling & Packing Study;
  • Mold Cooling Study;
  • Part Post-Molded Warpage;
  • Sequential Injection;
  • Plastic Part Over-Molding 2k molds);
  • Mold Insert Over-Molding;
  • Gas Injection Molding;
  • SYNVENTIVE Dynamic Feed®;
  • Co-Injection;
  • Injection-Compression Molding;
  • MuCell® Injection Molding;
  • Runner System Balancing;
  • Fiber Orientation Analysis;
  • Molding Cycle Optimization
  • Each study in Mid-plane, FUSION and 3D technology;


Plastic part structural verification and optimization.
Static and dynamic conditions, linear and non-linear.


Mesh Express Service (24-48h after order) in Mid-plane, FUSION and 3D technology.


Training sessions performed to the customer site (both in Italy or outside), as our Training List (see Download page);
Custom training following customer specifications.


  • Plastic material;
  • Plastic components engineering;
  • Mold & pre-mold study;
  • Injection molding processes;
  • Case studies;
  • On-site activities;


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